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Maddalena Padovan, Attorney-at-law

Maddalena Padovan, Attorney-at-law

Maddalena Padovan graduated with honours from the University of Milan with a dissertation on criminal law titled “Minors in criminal proceedings. More specifically, the victims of sexual abuse”. Supervisor: Prof. Mario Pisani.

She has been a member of the Milan Bar Association since 1991 and has had the right of audience to appear before the Supreme Court since 2003.

Following her legal traineeship and after initially working with a number of well-known law firms, Maddalena Padovan has been working with Carlo Baccaredda Boy since 1996, primarily dealing with the management of the firm.

Maddalena Padovan is a member of the Digital Forensics Alumni Association (DFA) Association, which includes teachers and alumni of the specialist course in ‘Cybercrime and Digital Forensics” as well as other training courses organized by the Department of Law and IT of the University of Milan.

Maddalena Padovan has gained professional experience in the area of economic and financial criminal law, with a special emphasis on tax law, corporate law, labour law and crimes against public administration. She also offers legal counsel in matters of criminal negligence and culpable and reckless conduct and has been involved in the Linate airport disaster trial. Furthermore, she also provides counsel on medical negligence.

In the course of her career, Maddalena Padovan has been committed to providing legal assistance to minors as a civil claimant before the Juvenile Court of Milan as well as representing minors before the trial court for offences concerning socially vulnerable groups.

Together with a number of colleagues, university professors and magistrates, Maddalena Padovan has established the local chapter of LAPEC in Milan. LAPEC is a not-for-profit association, which, thanks to its permanent study group, aims to scrutinize those principles and provisions governing cross-examinations in criminal proceedings as well as any principles and provisions governing due process and fair procedure.

Maddalena Padovan is one of the founders and member of the Management Committee of the “Justice and Protection, Childhood and Adolescence” Fund (established within the framework of Fondazione di Comunità Milano (city district, south west district, south east district and Adda Martesana NPO). The fund is aimed at creating and supporting projects with a view to increasing the protection, enforceability and effectiveness of the rights of children and adolescents who may be affected by judicial proceedings and are temporarily housed at the juvenile centre.