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Administrative liability of legal entities pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001

Administrative liability of legal entities resulting from an offence is no longer a novelty in Italian law.

Almost every year, however, lawmakers increase the number of offences triggering the liability of such entities, that is to say, offences committed by senior management or by individuals under senior management supervision if perpetrated in the interest of the relevant entity, which can result in hefty administrative sanctions.

The firm pays close attention to the legislation’s continuous amendments as well as any related procedural implications, while providing legal counsel aimed at implementing, verifying and updating those organizational and compliance models required to prevent offences.

Furthermore, the firm offers in-court assistance for cases involving entities and individuals in top and senior management or subordinate roles.

Over the years, the firm’s team of professionals have acted as the defence counsel in the interest of legal entities in numerous trials in the pharmaceutical sector, in the oil sector and various other sectors.

Nowadays offences resulting from administrative liability of legal entities are numerous. These may include, for instance, the following crimes:

Section.24: Undue receipt of funds, fraud against the State or other public authority or for the obtainment of public funds and IT fraud to the detriment of the State or other public authority.

Section.24 bis: Computer crimes and unlawful processing of data.

Section.25: Bribery, undue incitement to give or promise benefitsand corruption.

Section.25 bis.1: Crimes against industry and trade.

Section.25 ter: Corporate offences.

Section.25 quinquies: Crimes against the individual.

Section.25 sexies: Market abuse.

Section.25 septies: Manslaughter or serious injury or extremely serious injury caused by violating the rules governing the protection and safety in the workplace.

Section.25 octies: Receipt of stolen goods, money laundering and use of money, assets or benefits of unlawful provenance.

Section.25 novies: Offences concerning copyright infringements.

Section.25 undecies: Environmental crimes.

The firm offers an in-depth analysis of administrative liability for legal entities through conferences, study groups and publications.Please see the relevant section of this website for further details.