Studio legale Baccaredda Boy

Agricultural and food law

The firm deals with criminal law issues relating to food, an area characterized by highly complex regulatory and investigative issues. It has become increasingly important to delve into the study of food technology and food science in order to ensure the correct selection, storage, processing, packaging and distribution of healthy and safe foodstuffs.

In this regard, the firm deals with cases of non-compliance with food safety requirements (per L no. 283 of 1962) as well as more serious crimes as set out by the criminal code (e.g., business fraud per art. 515 of the penal code; sales of industrial products bearing false information per art. 517 of the penal code; counterfeit geographical designation of agricultural products and foodstuffs per art 517 quater of the penal code).

The firm provides legal assistance to a well-known winery.