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Corporate criminal law

One of the main practice areas the firm offers its legal services in is corporate crimes, which primarily include those corporate crimes contemplated by a peculiar part of the Civil Code.

It is an area where the correlation between criminal law protection and commercial discipline in the corporate sector is quite evident. This aspect, which is particularly sensitive because of the immediate financial consequences the criminal proceedings may have on the legal entity concerned, has been the focus of the legislator’s attention, first through the corporate crime reform of 2002, and later through some recent amendments in matters of false financial statements in 2015.

Over the years, our team of professionals have had to rise to the challenge posed by complex charges relating to all facets of corporate activities, while relying on the cooperation of well-known experts in the field of finance and civil and commercial law.

The firm has been involved in various criminal proceedings, such as the Unipol/BNL Parmalat and Banca Etruria trials.

The firm also offers its legal assistance to leading European companies in the area of debt factoring.

Likewise, the firm offers in-depth analyses of corporate crimes through conferences, study groups and publications. Please see the relevant section of this website for further details.