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Statutory criminal protection of cultural heritage

The protection and enhancement of cultural heritage contribute to the preservation of the memory of a national community and its territory while promoting the development of its culture.
For this reason lawmakers have striven – thanks to Legislative Decree no. 42 of 22 January 2004 - to group all the regulations for protecting the cultural heritage and landscape into a single Code, thus integrating the more general provisions set out in the criminal code.

Cultural heritage includes tangible and intangible assets of an artistic, historical, archaeological, ethno-anthropological, archival and bibliographic interest as well as other assets identified by the law as testimonies of civilization.
The buildings and the areas constituting the expression of the historical, cultural, natural, morphological and aesthetic values of the territory are considered landscape assets.

The firm offers its own professional advice in this particular area of criminal law. Various cases have been examined ranging from the crime of counterfeiting works of art (art. 178 Code) to violations concerning the alienation of assets (art. 173 Code).

The firm has been following all aspects concerning the national and international markets of art and antiques for years for an important auction house.