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Banking criminal law and finance criminal law

The financial profile of the Italian and international economic systems has led to the creation of a number of lawful or unlawful mechanisms aimed at a speedy increase in wealth.

Consequently, lawmakers are increasingly called upon to intervene with new laws with a view to protecting the proper functioning of financial markets.

For illustrative purposes only, here are a few areas the firm offers consulting services in or provides in-court assistance to clients: money-laundering regulation, competition law, insider trading, market abuse, misselling of insurance products.

The firm has followed countless proceedings such as the Unipol/BNL trial, the Monte deiPaschi di Siena trial over the design and sale of financial instruments as well as the Parmalat and Banca Etruria trial over market manipulation.

The firm provides consulting and legal services to leading insurance companies in matters of complex criminal law issues that may affect investment operations; likewise, it offers assistance to protect insurance companies against frauds.

The firm offers an in-depth analysis of banking criminal law and finance law through conferences, study groups and publications. Please see the relevant section of this website for further details.