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Labour law


Workplace accidents are undoubtedly one of the most alarming social phenomena and a major cause for concern in Italy.

Labour law constitutes a specific field of criminal law and is aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers. Against the current economic background, good business management practice plays a central role in health and safety legislation in the workplace. Indeed, it attributes specific duties and responsibilities to each and every legal entity, thus effectively helping avoid work-related injuries and illnesses, often brought to the attention


Legislative decree no. 81/2008, the benchmark workplace health and safety law, is based on global risk management carried out through a planned corporate security system, which must be constantly updated and must affect all those involved in production activities.  Consider, for example, the importance of the Risk Assessment Document (RAD), the assignment of responsibilities, the introduction of appropriate personal safety devices for employees, staff training and development, and the supervision and compliance with accident-prevention regulations.


Over the years, Baccaredda Boy Law Firm has provided its legal counsel in trials concerning workplace safety, with a special emphasis on risks of exposure to asbestos, VCM, PAHs, benzene and other chemical substances. Similarly, the Firm has been involved in the trial over the Turbigo thermal power station, the Brindisi and Mantova refineries, the Verbania Pallanza industrial park, the Petrolchimico at Porto Marghera and the Forno Allione plant.

Baccaredda Boy Law Firm’s team of lawyers provides companies with legal protection in workplace safety also out-of-court. More specifically, the Firm has developed a workplace safety management system for a leading steel-plant equipment manufacturing company. Additionally, Baccaredda Boy Law Firm offers a consulting service to companies seeking key management roles in keeping with LD 81/2008 as well as helping to draft and formulate workplace safety delegations and sub-delegations.

Baccaredda Boy Law Firm offers an in-depth analysis of offences relating to work activities including through conferences, study groups and publications. In particular, Carlo Baccaredda Boy himself, the Firm’s founding partner, has taken part in conferences on asbestos-related diseases, the Eternit trial and the ThyssenKrupp trial. In this regard, please refer to the relevant section.

As part of the firm’s academic research, Baccaredda Boy Law Firm would like to direct your attention to the following monograph: “I reati sul lavoro” (Crimes in the workplace), by Carlo Baccaredda Boy and other authors, edited by Laura Miani and Franco Toffoletto, G. Giappichelli Editore, 2019.